Gift Cards - £5

Featuring one of our five ‘inbetweeners’ (Mo, Diana, Scotty, Robin or Daisy), these £5 gift cards are the perfect way to support us at any time of year, but especially Christmas. The cards have space inside for your own message along with an explanation of how they help us, which reads:

You’ve been given a greyhound for a day!

Your gift will care for a retired or rescued greyhound for a day. At Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare we care for up to 100 retired or rescued greyhounds at any one time and have re-homed many hundreds more.

It costs us about £5 each day to care for every greyhound in our kennels.These costs include food, maintaining our kennels and providing veterinary care.

Mischievous Mo is nine years old. She’s a darling golden oldie who loves attention. Thanks to your gift, we will be able to care for many more greyhounds like Mo.

Price: £5 plus £1 P&P

Pens - £1.00


Description: Show your support with this pen featuring the Wimbledon Greyhound logo. 

Note - Colours vary!


Price: £1.00 + £1.00 P&P