Happy, bouncy Socks is an old boy now and so unlikely to ever find his forever home.He has aged recently and has developed an arthritic neck which requires ongoing pain medication, specifically selected to be kinder to his kidney and liver functions.

Socks - so called because he is mainly black with what looks like white socks on his legs – adores people and is very friendly and excellent with his birches as a thoroughly tolerant and good natured boy, although due to his long body and neck problem, he cannot now easily share a kennel.

A great favourite with walkers, he does have his shouty moments with other breeds that used to put people off homing him when he was younger and stronger, although frankly he would rather avoid other breeds on walks, than actively seek them out.

With a bit of work and more socialisation, we feel he will overcome this, but at his age, his homing prospects will likely be few and far between.

With his huge appealing eyes, who could fail to love him and a better hound friend you could not find.

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  • Bryan & Brenda Warner
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