Scooby is now nearly 10 years old and sadly, has recently developed low level kidney disease. This is managed with a special diet of boiled chicken and white fish with pasta/rice and his kidney function is helped with a heart support daily medication and regular blood tests.

He is a lovely lad to look after and loving and trusting of the carers and walkers he knows.  However, as a naturally anxious boy,  he can be wary of people he doesn’t know and is unpredictable around other dogs, especially in the noisy kennels yard during walking hours, as he prefers his own space, both in the yard and on walks. 

This means he has never presented well in the yard to potential homers, as we have for his sake,  to remind his walkers to look out for him and pay attention to his need for space in a crowded yard, whereas on walks away from kennels and given more space, he is much more at ease.

We had hoped he would have got a home by now as once he knows and trusts you, Scooby is thoroughly loyal and loving. Unfortunately, as he gets older and now with the kidney problem that has developed,  this is sadly less likely, but you never know.

If not, we will always have a loving home in the Sanctuary for darling Scooby who is always so willing to please.



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