We’ve got a project or two……

Usually at the kennels we keep maintenance work to a reasonable level. Doing what has to be done like repairs to the fabric of the building, drains, kennels and fences. It’s a never ending task and without the help of Neil Hagon, well, it just wouldn’t happen. Neil is our Mr. Fix-it and it is thanks to his many skills that the kennels are still standing, the toilets are still flushing and the greyhounds are where they are supposed to be.

Often though, at the end of a long day at the kennels, we talk about ‘The Big Things.’ The things we would do if we had the money and frequently the topic of conversation is the paddocks. As soon as it rains they become flooded and very quickly muddy. Throughout this winter and last winter when we had months of rain, in fact make that every winter since I’ve been here,  we have had to wash off muddy dogs or change the beds more frequently because the dogs have brought half the paddock in with them. Most frequently heard comments are;

“If only we had a hard-standing area we could fence off when the paddocks are really bad it would make such a difference and stop the greyhounds cutting their feet.”

“It would be lovely to have a hard standing area in the bottom paddocks so that we could restrict the dogs if they are injured, rather than having to move the dogs up to the top of the range.”

“If we could fence off the paddocks when they’re muddy we’d have more grass in the summer rather than dust.”

Well folks, this year we are planning ‘A Big Thing’ all thanks to the kindness and generosity of Catherinea McSweeney and Betfair.

Betfair have just given us a donation of £2000 for a project. They have been very good supporters of us in the past and this year have decided that all our hard work for the greyhounds should be recognised. They know we won’t spend the money on anything ‘frivolous’ and that we will use it to give the greyhounds in our kennels a better standard of care.

So thank you Betfair – your donation really will make a big difference and if there’s anything left over after the hard standing areas are done we’ve got plans for that as well.  The ditches in our walkers’ field (which were cleared last year) need to have new bridges across them. Work is already underway in making these bridges (thanks to Neil) but undoubtedly there will be costs for materials. The walkers’ field is so important to our greyhounds and the people who come and walk them and new bridges to cross the ditches will mean that everyone can walk all the way round the field safely.

So I promise you the money is already spoken for and it will make a really big difference to everyone here at WGW. I cannot explain to you just how lovely it is to have some extra money that we can spend on a project without feeling guilty because we haven’t used it to pay a vet bill or buy bedding or food for the greyhounds. It really is like getting an unexpected windfall and being told to go out and treat yourself to something special.