Hi everyone, especially Alex. I thought you might like a copy of this “Selfie” which shows me in my new home. My new life is certainly exciting! I’m up in London during the week for work. I have a basket in the Directors’ Suite and after a few days of productive toil, we “Reach for the Beach” at weekends. Of course, I am well aware of my responsibility in following in the distinguished paw prints of the legendary Pharaoh and Ramesses, who, like me, were members of the Hersham alumni.

Postcard from Pete

There is so much to learn but I am taking it all very seriously and they all seem pleased with my trademark circular wag and morning kisses. I am a really good sleeper, take pride in keeping my quarters clean, and have a hearty appetite. 

Antonia and John appear to disagree with me on the subject of squirrels and I don’t think I am going to persuade them. Apparently, this is something to do with my safety so I may have to compromise, but I think it will be worth it.

I have been much admired by visitors who tell me that I am “A very handsome fellow” and this brings me to an important message for all the super visitors to the kennels with generous offers of a forever home. 

Please don’t overlook my special mates, the other lovely big black hounds with gorgeous, kind, grey faces. We are not, as someone once said, “boring”. We have wonderful personalities but only get to show our full potential when we are invited to join a family. I was in kennels for more than a year before I was chosen and I know that many others are waiting for a similar chance.  

That’s the serious bit out of the way. Now, do I smell sausages cooking?

I will be back to see you all soon. 

In the meantime, love you all lots and lots, Pete xxxx