We picked up Petra for another long weekend with us on Friday.  This little girl is very pretty with a soft, healthy coat that feels just like velvet!  She came with us enthusiastically and managed to jump into the car with ease and settled well for the journey back to our house in Ruislip.

Petra had no problems walking on the laminate flooring whatsoever and it was great to see her exploring the downstairs, making herself very much at home.  She was able to go into the garden, managing the patio doors and the few steps that lead onto the lawn and she knew straightaway that going to the loo outside was the right thing to do.  Petra has been with us for 6 nights over 2 visits and not once did she have any accidents.
Petra has no issues with domestic appliances.  She is not bothered by the washing machine, hoover or the hairdryer.  She did not attempt to jump on the furniture or climb the stairs and settled down very well overnight when we went to bed and was clean overnight.

Her first walk to and around the park made her very excited – she did seem overwhelmed by this new found freedom and she did bark at dogs that came running towards her, nothing malicious as she was wagging her tail, however she did calm down after the dogs ran off.  On other walks she was approached by an over-excited Pug that was not on her lead and a very friendly staffie and she was well behaved with both breeds, although more perplexed by the Pug.   Petra loves her walks and definitely knows the meaning of “lead times” – she gets very excited and jumps up gently for her lead to be put on.  She does not pull and is quite happy walking along with her ears pricked up. 

This girl just loves a cuddle (as you can see from her “photo gallery”) and likes nothing more than having a good fuss, laying on her back with her legs in the air whilst wagging her tail for a belly rub!  She also likes to kiss too, if you let her.  Petra is very affectionate and is a peoples’ dog, we could not get over how quickly she made herself at home and how happy she was to see all the family coming into the house. 

Petra is fussy with her food.  She is not keen to have breakfast and prefers human food to tinned dog meat, so fried mince with mixer goes down well.  She likes treats from the hand and takes them gently.

Petra has been a perfect house guest and would be welcome back again at any time until she finds her forever home.  She is undemanding, affectionate and laid back.  As Denise puts it –“she is just a nice little girl” and this really sums her up.