We had been looking forward to having the lovely Tai with us for another foster over Christmas 2013, but were delighted to find out he would be going to his own forever home instead, so with a week to go it was time to decide which dog would be joining us for the festive period.

AllyI had been walking Ally twice a week for a few months, basically every time I went to the kennels, so Dawn suggested we should take him.

Ally is the best dog to walk, he is full of life and the happiest hound I've ever known, he wags his tail constantly and is always turning round to rub his head on your leg whilst looking up adoringly at you. He walks a little ahead of you at the start then slows down, he wants to say hello to every person and dog you pass on the street or in the park.

I had been a bit hesitant to take Ally home as he is such a boisterous and exuberant boy, I was worried he might throw himself around the house and come to harm.

I couldn't have been more wrong, as lively as he is on his walks he's so calm and lazy in the home. He settled quickly and the only sign of his being uneasy was his tendency to drink a lot that 1st day. Ally is a good eater and isn't too fussy though he's the first hound I've had who didn't like sardines (the only meal he didn't eat) but he tucked into tuna in olive oil.

AllyDue to his excessive drinking Ally had a small pee on the floor first night but was clean every other night (as he is in the kennels) and there was no whining or whimpering when we went to bed. There are stairs into my house and out the back, he managed these easily but didn't go near the stairs inside. He was intrigued by the vacuum cleaner and watched wide-eyed as I scooted it around and he seemed to love the TV.

He coped well with the wooden and vinyl floors, they didn't bother him at all. The dog bed is right beside the sofa and Ally lay just so in order that I could reach down to rub and stroke his head as he went to sleep. We heard lots of big sighs and groans from that bed so I think it's safe to say he had a lovely time and likes being in a home.

Walks in the park with Ally are terrific fun, he is great with all other breeds regardless of size, colour or sex and he adores people too, he's a wonderful ambassador for greyhounds. He tried to play with lots of the dogs but as he was on the lead this wasn't possible, I think he could live with another dog happily. Cats are another matter; he gets really excited when he sees a cat as he would with a squirrel or rabbit. My patio doors were well decorated with Ally's nose art where he breathed heavily snorted and barked at the neighbour’s cats who dared venture into his garden.

AllyWe looked up Ally's pedigree on the greyhound data website, his racing name was Rally Town, and what a superstar. He won over 40 races, most of them at Open grade and he was greyhound of the year 2009. My husband nicknamed him Champ. Whoever takes Ally will be in for a treat when they can eventually let him off the lead, he'll burn up the local park with his speed.

Although Ally is now 6 and ½ he seems like a much younger dog, he's very sound and so full of the joys of life. I'll be continuing to walk this lovely lad until he finds that forever home which I think may be soon, prospective owners give this little fella a chance and he'll steal your heart.

Debbie Watton