Dear All at Hersham,

It's hard to believe that it's been a year and a half since Annie came into our lives and the cocktail sausages took residence in our fridge.  To me it seems like yesterday but to Annie I'm not so sure, she's too busy drooling into her favourite pink blanket to answer...

Before we chose to adopt Annie (or is it vice versa?) we were torn between adding another dog to our household or leaving things as they were.  Our elderly Patterdale terrier, Scruff, was no longer able to go for walks and we missed the daily routine of a walk through Ashtead Common and the excitement a young dog could bring.  Not just for us, but for Scruff too. But before we could decide, we had a few things to consider.  The most important being that the dog would get along wit h our elderly dog as well as tolerate young children who would visit regularly.



We weren't picky about the breed or the size, as long as the dog had a calm temperament, was tolerant and wouldn't mind long walks.  Training and caring for a puppy with our work commitments wasn't ideal.  

Having had homed rescue dogs before, adopting one seemed like the way to go. Having had the experience of walking greyhounds at Hersham, we decided to contact them to see if a greyhound would suit us.  We knew greyhounds were timid, active and enjoyed company, a bit like us really!  

After talking through our situation with Denise, a household check with Lily and her humans and a new fence put in, Denise suggested a greyhound called Annie.

A four-year-old Irish greyhound and kennel-mate to the Brad Pitt of the kennels, Baby and who we would later learn had a penchant for peanut butter, Annie strolled over, sniffed my baby cousin's pushchair, then me and my Mum and was then Little Miss Perfect on the walk up the lane. 

When the paperwork was settled, we took Annie home.

Any fears we had soon disappeared as Annie settled in after a few days and the muzzle was banished to the cupboard.  

She soon grew used to journeys in the car, settled in her bed, ate her food with no fuss and took to Scruff.  Again there were no problems, only the occasional growl when Scruff accidentally walked over her head.  Annie soon realised it was nothing personal, just Scruff's bumbling due to her blindness. On the lead there were no problems, to this day is a pleasure to walk, though her fondness (hunger) for cats shines through if one crosses her path.

aNNIEThanks to the staff at Hersham, Annie has thrived and is a joy to have in our family.  There's nothing like opening the front door and to be greeted by an excited greyhound.  It certainly didn't take us long to discover Annie's little quirks. Her love for cheeses, peanut butter or anything edible left unattended for a second.  Playing fetch, sprinting a figure eight up the garden and her love of weekly massages with baby oil to stop her skin getting dry.  Plus the twirl she does after doing her business always makes me chuckle.

We couldn't of asked for a better dog. She's wonderful with children and other dogs.  So thank you Denise and the staff at Hersham for helping Annie find her forever home.  I would offer you a cocktail sausage for saying thanks but I'm afraid they still have Annie's name on them.

 Lots of love,

Annie and her Humans (Janey, Annette, Andy and Ian).