The Music Magpie appeal reached the amazing sum of £1,003 in 2013, so a big thank you to all of those who donated their unwanted CDs, DVDs and Games to enable this target to be reached.  I've sent 1573 items to Music Magpie and taken a further 50 items to CeX (who often pay more for DVDs and Games).
It may be that the appeal has now reached a natural end as most of you who had items to donate have now donated, but we will be keeping the appeal open.  Why not have a New Year declutter and donate all those items which you are no longer going to play or watch.  We've only had a few Games donated but these usually pay really well, so raid your children or grandchildren's PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox Games - they'll never notice!

Most items pay around 20p-30p but some pay a great deal more, particularly straight to DVD fantasy and horror films: for example, in the latest batch left at the kennels (which isn't included in the above totals) somebody has donated Percy Jackson, Sea of  Monsters  for which CeX will pay £7 - Never heard of it? Neither have I. 
Items must have barcode (I've recently acquired an iPad mini with a barcode reader which saves the laborious task of entering every barcode number manually), should be complete with all discs and artwork, and be undamaged (although minor wear and scratches are usually acceptable).  Don't worry about how badly the cases are damaged as I can usually replace these before sending them on.  There are more details here but if you have any doubts put them in and I will weed out any unacceptable items.

There is a collection box at the kennels but if you have any queries contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.