Buster’s about 4 years old and a big, handsome dog with a lot of warmth who we had to stay for a week over Christmas.

We were told that he’d not been in a house before so was rather an unknown quantity in that respect.

We’d not met him before but he leapt into our van with alacrity and was quite unfazed for the next hour on the journey home.

There were no toilet accidents of any sort during the whole week - not even territory marking, and there have been other dogs in the house.

On arrival, he has a good sniff round the ground floor and then mounted the stairs for further exploring. He managed to get downstairs too. It’s not an elegant performance but he doesn’t seem fussed.

He settled in well and recognized the purpose of the old duvets we’d put out for him in various places. He panted for an hour or so after arriving but then lay calmly on his bed in the sitting room.

We took him for lots of walks. He pulled on the lead initially (we found him easier to manage on a lead that a harness) but calmed down fairly soon and walked well with us. Several adults and children took a keen interest in him and he happily let them pet him.

He’s interested in other dogs and tends to pull when he sees one. If the dog is large/looks similar to him, he doesn’t do much if they come near. However he shows aggressive friendliness towards smaller dogs, so needs to be muzzled. This got better over the week’s stay so we think he’ll improve as he meets more dogs of different shapes and sizes.

Buster ate really well, after which he lay on one of his beds, but was very pleased to have a cuddle if one of us went to him.


We left him on his own several times for about 1.5 hours each time. On return he was unstressed and came downstairs to greet us wagging his tail. The house was still in one piece.

He chose to sleep in our bedroom from the first night and didn’t make a move until one of us woke up and spoke to him, when he got up for a cuddle.

We really liked this boy. On the face of it we thought he might be all over the place but actually he showed lots of maturity and self control - didn’t hassle us at all, didn’t get upset about anything and became increasingly demonstrative to us as the week went on.

We’d happily have him to stay again, but hope this won’t be necessary as he’d fit into someone’s home very well and we thoroughly recommend him.

Carrie Andrews