Where did the week go? I can’t believe that our Christmas Lights event has been and gone so quickly; time just flies by here at the kennels.

After weeks of planning and preparation, the final push to put up the Christmas Lights and decorate the yard and the frantic last minute gathering of everything needed for this event, I think we all heaved a sigh of relief when the day actually dawned.

The weather was kind to us and the little light drizzle didn’t dampen our spirits. Our wonderful, stoic stallholders arrived, many of them laden with goods, gifts and amazing items they had crafted for our stalls. There was an air of excitement as the witching hour approached and camaraderie as friends, old and new, came together with but one aim – to enjoy the afternoon and raise as much money for the greyhounds in the kennels surrounding them.


First a trickle and then a stream of people flooded through our gate and for those few short hours our yard was alive with the sound of people’s voices, laughter and an atmosphere of goodwill that was tangible.

Your generosity and kindness is amazing. In those few short hours we raised £1879.52 from the stalls and an additional £931.50 was taken on the greyhound shop. Phylly’s Greytcoats did a brisk trade and I know Phylly went home with a long list of orders so, as I type this, her ‘Christmas Lights’ event is still going on! Helen and Matt’s Santa’s Photo Booth’ proved to be a very popular attraction and ensured that everyone went home feeling a bit more Christmassy than when they arrived.

This was my own 14th Switch on the Christmas Lights celebration at these kennels and every year I am gobsmacked by the inventiveness of our staff and supporters, awed by their efforts and touched by their continued support of this event. Christmas really does start here and after all these years I’m still convinced that the gate into our yard is magic – and something very special happens when people pass through it.