The Board of ‘Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare’ has today (18th July 2017) appointed Carol Marshall as its new Manager.

Carol has worked at the Kennels for more than 10 years.  She has been running the Sanctuary section which specialises in caring for older or infirm hounds and hounds who are less likely to find a home - although every greyhound is still available for adoption. 

Before working at the kennels, Carol’s background was in corporate marketing, communications and press & public relations, and she has a B.A in English and French from the University of Liverpool. However, her real passion is for working with greyhounds: “I have always loved dogs, but greyhounds are just so special. They are gentle and trusting and having given their best in their racing careers, at whatever level, they deserve to be treated with respect and welcomed into our kennels until we can find them a suitable home. Those who do not find a home of their own are looked after for life, since we never put a healthy hound to sleep.

Previous Manager, Denise Dubarbier, has stepped down after 17 years at WGW. Carol says: “ Denise will be a hard act to follow but we have a good team at WGW and our priority will be to continue to look after the hounds as best we can until they find the right home.

I invite all our supporters, whether volunteer walkers or potential or existing ‘homers’ to continue to help with ongoing events and other fundraising initiatives. We couldn’t do what we do without you”.