Beautiful sunshine made our day just perfect. On Sunday 9th April, surrounded by our friends and supporters, we celebrated our 17th birthday at these kennels.

As always, after what seems like a long winter, it was lovely to see so many familiar faces and to meet up again with our greyhounds lucky enough to have found homes. We've now reached the stage where it gets harder and harder each year to keep the kennels looking respectable (one of the reasons we’re investigating the possibility of buying our own kennels) but once again our amazing staff and volunteers worked their butts off to clean, paint and tidy so that on our birthday the kennels were positively sparkling in the spring sunshine. Thanks guys and thanks also to everyone who donated paint, the essential ingredient.

To everyone who baked, crafted and donated, to our willing stall holders, to all the hardworking people behind the scenes who organised, set up then cleared up, thank you. And last but not least a very big thank you to each and every one of you who came along to celebrate our birthday ( I'm sure you could have been catching up with the laundry, mowing the lawn, visiting the local diy store or dusting off the BBQ for the first time this year) but instead you came along, supported us and reminded us just what an amazing and special organisation we are.

It's hard to put into words just how much we value your support, not just financially but as a measure of how we operate as a charity and whether we still have your trust. Believe me, during those long, cold winter days when everything just seems harder and takes longer, when we would gladly swop places with the greyhounds snuggled up on their thick beds, legs akimbo (okay, maybe not that bit) tummies full, and without a care in the world, we all have our moments of self doubt.

Your continued support is what makes it all worthwhile and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Of course, there was plenty of cake to eat on the day but the icing on our cake was the official adoption of Blind Ben from our Sanctuary. Maureen, who works part time caring for the Sanctuary greyhounds fell under the spell of this special lad and decided he needed to go home with her.

She’s had him home on a trial basis for a while (snigger, snigger)to ensure he settled and got on with her greyhound girl, Mo. On Sunday she signed on the dotted line. Thank you Maureen. Ben is where he needed to be, in a home and enjoying life as a much loved family pet.

Don't forget, we’ve got loads of events lined up throughout the coming months and we need your support. Don't be bashful, each and everyone of you can help in one way or another and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much fun it can be. Keep an eye on our website or fb page for more information.

Almost forgot, we raised a little under £1400 at our Birthday Bash (including shop sales) so a brilliant start to our fundraising season and a well deserved pat on the back for everyone involved.