Just thought I’d give you an up-date on how Bossy Boots (Peter) is doing.

He has been with us 4 months now and he is settled right in, he is absolutely perfect, you couldn’t ask for a sweeter boy, he is brilliant with Bella, he tries hard to get her to play, but this is below her and she can’t possibly be seen playing with a dog, she plays with humans only.

He is more gentle with her than Slug used to be, so they do run together now she knows he isn’t going to shoulder barge her.

He loves the farm, he is brilliant around the cows and horses. He is brilliant around kids too. He loves being off lead in the field and charging around playing. He has been to the beach also, we had a cove to ourselves so he was able to be muzzle free and he loved it. Playing in the water and digging holes in the sand.

He is loads better with other dogs, never now barks at all. He is still very interested in small dogs but he can be on a slack lead and allow an off lead small dog to sniff him and he doesn’t lunge at them anymore. He is always muzzled and will never be trusted without it with other dogs around, but we are working up to him being able to be off lead with other dogs. Big dogs he is loads better with although as he has decided he can’t eat them he now wants to hump them instead!!! Nicer of the two I suppose.

At home he is brilliant, took him a while to realise he was allowed to eat his food next to Bella in the stand, it was delivered to his bed for a few months, but he has the hang of this now, he knows which side is his too. He has put on weight again now. Looking really good and shiny. His little white spots really show through now.

He loves going in the caravan on holiday, we have been loads since we have had him and he loves it. When we just go and check on it, as soon as we open the door he’s in it and on the sofa. Off to the Isle of Wight with them tomorrow, so he gets to go on a ferry.

He is a total dream. We are so pleased that he found us.

Sam, Marc, Boss and Bella.