Sanctuary ‘Joe’ has finally found his forever home. Now a 10 year old greyhound boy with a charmingly grey face, Joe came back into us in 2014 from his home of 4 years, as he had been unwell for some time. His owner, unable to cope, signed him over to us so we could care for him.

We put him in the Sanctuary to be looked after but he was not himself at all, worryingly quiet and lethargic. Subsequent visits to our greyhound vet, resulted in a diagnosis of severe inflammation of the bowel. A course of antibiotics and steroids and a careful diet, allowed Joe to recover and start to look and act like the Joe of old. He still needed a maintenance low level of steroids and for that reason, was placed on the sponsorship scheme, as realistically, pre-existing medication makes a hound more difficult to home.

A popular hound with our regular walkers, Joe has been a joy to look after in the Sanctuary, but as an anxious dog, he has always been wary of and therefore unpredictable in our noisy kennels yard during walking times which has also made him seem more difficult than he actually is. On walks away from the kennels, he keeps himself to himself and minds his own business! Fortunately for him, experienced greyhound owners, Steve and Jan, have been visiting Joe since he came back into us and when they lost their own greyhound boy, took Joe out on foster weekends, to ‘Reach the Beach’ and to our sponsored walk at Kempton Park racecourse.

Arriving back from their latest foster break with him, Steve and Jan were beaming with happiness, as they announced - with Joe looking on adoringly – that they would not be bringing him back again! Having known how difficult it is to have loved and lost your own special hound, it is always harder to take on an older dog you know you are not going to have as much time with as you would like.

However, they had lots of love to give Joe and took into account when making their decision the ongoing commitment of his steroid medication and related blood tests. Joe won their hearts over when they first met him and we know he will be in safe and capable hands with them.

We wish Steve and Jan – and Joe – all the very best in their new life together. And the moral of this tale is….. to never give up on a greyhound finding a home, no matter what it’s needs are. This is one of the reasons we have our special Sanctuary at the kennels. Carol (The Sanctuary) September 2016