It was Fab Friday at the kennels today when 10 year old Sanctuary girls, 'Coco' (on the right with her new owner, Mark,) and 'Dee-Dee', (pictured left with her new owner, Julie), finally found their well-deserved forever homes.

Six years ago, we thought the girls who had previously lived together, had a home for life but sadly it seems that was not to be and several months ago, they were suddenly returned to the kennels through no fault of their own. Given their age, we looked after them in the Sanctuary.

Both sociable and loving girls, they were soon a favourite with many of our walkers, although lheir story tugged at the heart strings of those who got to know them.

Whilst we kept them together, they were not by nature 'joined at the hip', so when longstanding supporters and greyhound owners, Mark and Nikki and Julie and John wanted to give them both the opportunity of a life at home with their other greyhounds (they both already have a girl and boy greyhound at home), we were quite simply over the moon.

Chances of a home are few and far between for older hounds but they have both been given that chance and we know they will both be in good hands.

'Coco' and 'Dee-dee' will still meet up, as their new families both often go for walks together. And so, thanks to the kindness and generosity of Mark and Nikki and Julie and John, a new chapter begins for these darling girls . We wish them all the best.

Carol (the Sanctuary) - 5th August 2016