Deano - Born June 2009

Deano is such a beautiful, gentle lad with the sweetest nature. Unfortunately this side of him is something that he doesn’t show everyone he meets as he can be an anxious lad with people he doesn’t know and in some new situations.

He finds a busy kennel yard quite worrying but is gradually overcoming his fears and now has quite a few regular walkers who are enjoying getting to know him better and seeing this improvement.

An experienced ‘doggy home’ would suit Deano to the ground, especially if there’s another dog in residence to show him the ropes and reassure him that there’s nothing to worry about.

He has been to the park and met other breeds without being overly-interested, so if you’ve room in your home and your heart for this special lad then please let us know.

Mason - Born March 2013

Everybody loves Mason. He’s a delight to be around and tries so hard to please.

He does have an anxious side – which we tend to forget as he’s so cheeky with the staff that look after him.

Still very puppyish in many ways he’d probably benefit from having another dog for company who could show him the ropes.

Reports so far show that he’s fine with other breeds.

Rowley - Born April 2012

What a strange little boy we’ve got here.

It has taken him time to relax and come out of his shell but we’ve turned a corner and the playful, cheeky side of him is becoming ever more evident.

He’s bright as a button, loves people and would most likely suit a home as an only dog. He’s been to the park a couple of times and though quite alert to other dogs at a distance he’s not really had the opportunity to meet them at close quarters, so his social skills with other breeds are still a bit of an unknown – something we’ll try and remedy asap.

Roy - Born April 2013

Still our baby boy at the kennels, he really is very puppy like and likes nothing better than to thieve anything we happen to leave lying around.

Excitable and nippy when it’s walk time but once out of the kennels you couldn’t wish for a more happy- go- lucky lad.

He’s a great favourite with our walkers and reports so far are that he’s fine with other breeds.

Roy was rescued by a trainer who stepped in to prevent him being put to sleep after he broke his leg, so he’s been given a second chance at life as a family pet.