Great news! A pair of 8 year old greyhound girls, Queenie (black) and Gemma (brindle) went home on Wednesday 20th April with Michael, a long-time supporter who has had several greyhounds from us over the years.

The girls came into us at WGW as a rescue pair with a suggestion they would be best kept together as a ready-made pair. When Michael had lost his last greyhound girl, Kimmy, a few weeks ago, (an older lady well known to those of us who have attended the Wimbledon tennis tournament collections over several years), he asked us to look out for a suitable hound for him or a pair, if possible.

And so, Queenie and Gemma were put forward to Michael for him to meet. Not surprisingly, he turned up the very next day to meet them. If you knew them, you would know, there was no way Michael could not have wanted to take them home then and there.

He took them on a home trial for a week but before the week was even up, he came back to the kennels with them to sign the paperwork to permanently adopt them.

Naturally, we were delighted, both for the girls and for Michael. We know these 2 little imps will keep Michael on his toes and that he is more than capable of the challenge!

He is over the moon with them, (although a little exhausted!), and they look extremely happy and at ease with the excitement of the world they have started to explore outside of a kennel.

Congratulations, Michael, on a happy future with dear little Queenie and Gemma.