Hersham Hounds received a visit recently from Marc Abraham and Victoria Stilwell (pictured with Moni and Scooby respectively). Marc will be familiar to many as the resident vet on a number of TV and radio programmes and as an animal welfare campaigner, particularly against puppy farms (founder of Pup Aid). Victoria is the well-known dog trainer, author and TV presenter (It’s Me or the Dog) and an advocate of positive, reward-based training. They both champion the cause of rescue dogs and are self-confessed sighthound fans.

Despite some horrible weather lately, the sun shone for their visit and the kennels (and hounds) were in full bloom. With their busy schedules, Marc and Victoria were unable to get to the kennels during the normal opening hours, thereby missing the usual hustle and bustle and the chance to meet the regular walkers. However, things being relatively quiet (apart from various hounds clamouring for attention) meant there was more time for them to learn about the charity, the hounds it helps and the general routine.


As well as having a full tour of the kennels, a number of hounds were introduced to our guests ‘up close and personal’- very personal in Joyce’s case, as she enthusiastically mugged Marc (in the nicest possible way). Victoria fell for the quieter charms of Johnny, although to be honest she had to be gently prised away from any hound she came into contact with!

We appreciate both Marc and Victoria’s interest in Hersham Hounds and for them sparing the time to come and see everyone in person. Naturally, there is an open invitation for them to return whenever they wish. We also send them our very best wishes for their work informing and educating the public to improve standards of animal welfare.