Stumpy came for an overnight stay with my family on the 11th July.

She is a very sweet, affectionate dog but she was quite anxious in her new surroundings and paced around the house for the first hour. 

Then she discovered the sofa.  I think she felt safe up there as she settled down and seemed more relaxed, enjoying a fuss being made of her. 

Once Stumpy is comfortable it’s quite difficult to get her to budge!  However, she did enjoy her walks on Chobham Common and along the canal. 

She is nice to walk and doesn't pull on the lead - unless she spots a moving dog.  When the dogs are up close she doesn't appear to show any aggression, so I believe that her reaction would calm down over time and with more exposure.

She was clean in the house and ate everything that we fed her.  She didn't beg for food while we were eating.

Stumpy reacted very well to our young children and didn't seem worried but their noisy antics.  She actually wanted to sleep on their beds with them!

She slept on her duvet in our bedroom at night with her legs up in the air.  She didn't move or make a noise.

Her morning greeting was as if we'd been parted for years.  She was so happy, dancing around with her little tail wagging at 100mph.

She did seem slightly more relaxed on the second day, but understandably liked to stay on her safe sofa.

It will take Stumpy a while to feel totally relaxed in a new home, but she is such a sweet, loving dog it will be worth the wait to see her sweet character blossom. She has so much love and happiness to give her new owner. She's been at the kennels a long time and is more than ready to find a family and sofa of her own.

Good luck Stumpy, it was a pleasure to have you to stay.
The Thorne family.