Rooster (1 November 2001 - 1 July 2015)

Our darling 'Rooster' has sadly passed away. At nearly 14 years old, he was the oldest resident in our Sanctuary. On the hottest July day on record, he was finding it very difficult to cope with the heat, as it was always something he struggled with at the best of times and being an elderly chap, we had to make the sad decision to let him go, as he just could not get comfortable and his heart was being put under incredible strain from the sheer effort of trying to cope.

I still cannot believe he has gone and the Sanctuary is so quiet without the sound of his distinctive 'cuckoo' call , which was his musical bark when he was demanding to go out in the paddock, have his breakfast or go for a walk. He was always a strong, happy boy, although this last year, he has wanted less walks, preferring instead to lay at the side of his favourite paddock, happily watching the world go by.

In his heyday, he would often lead any walker who didn't know him, a merry dance, darting unexpectedly from side to side to sniff a favourite bush or to go in a completely different direction. Rooster knew his own mind and if you just went with the flow, he was happy as Larry. He was a sweet, happy and gentle boy who was lovely to look after.

Those of you who did not know him very well or at all, will not have seen the incredibly loving, affectionate side of dear 'Rooster'. If you were saying goodnight to him in his kennel, he would offer his outstretched paw, as if to hold your hand. He was so sweet. As he got older, he loved a cuddle or would run away from you in the paddock, so that when you eventually caught him up, he could have a special cuddle.

When he first came into kennels, he was wary of loud noises, thunder and people he didn't know. However, he was lucky to have had a lovely trainer who looked after him and brought him into us, and he became more confident as he got older and was a thoroughly happy, loving and cheeky chap.

There will only ever be good memories of 'Rooster' , dashing down to the very bottom of the paddock with his distinctive 'bounce' as he did every morning, even on his last morning with us. In what turned out to be his final year, he went for walks with 'Rebel' regularly, who we also sadly lost recently. 'Rooster' was my special friend too. It would be lovely to think that Rebel and Rooster are walking together again and, like the. name of the beautiful rose I bought for the Sanctuary garden recently as a tribute to 'Rebel' they will now be 'forever friends'.

It is quiet in the Sanctuary without you, Rooster, but my memories of you will always be happy ones.

Carol (the Sanctuary) 2nd July 2015