10th May 2003 - 21st  June 2015

On Sunday 21st June we lost our dear Rebel, one of our much-loved who lived in our Sanctuary residents.  At  over 12 years old, Rebel never did find his home out of kennels but had, I hope, enjoyed a loving home amongst his adopted family and friends at the Kennels where he had lived for nearly five years. I was fortunate enough to be one of his carers in the Sanctuary and hope he found comfort in my being able to be with him at the end.

Rebel had always loved his walks and a cuddle from those he knew and when he refused point blank to go for a little walk yesterday afternoon, when he had seemed a little more like his old self that morning and the previous day, we suspected his health may have taken a turn for the worse, as that was so unlike him.  

Over the previous week especially, he had been  getting a bit slower after cutting a foot pad, then  gradually was losing appetite,  therefore losing weight, although difficult to determine if the sore foot was the cause as he was such a sensitive dog and very delicate over any foot problems, exacerbated by his intolerance to heat, given the hotter days recently.

On the Sunday morning his energy levels were depleted ,  his breathing rapid and his limbs were swollen. The greyhound vet in Kent I took him to today, confirmed all facts considered, that he believed the heart was struggling because he suspected he had  fluid on the lungs. Rebel did not even have the energy to go for a walk. We decided the best thing for Rebel, given he would have been very stressed being handled, inspected, x-rayed etc with no ability to recover at this stage in his life and the incredibly laboured breathing that had also developed, was to let him go.

It is never easy making these decisions  and you can never get used to losing a hound. But I can honestly say he had a peaceful end and just fell fast asleep  next to me, whilst I stroked and talked to him. He was calm, relaxed and at ease.

The Kennels won't be the same without him. On a personal note, I will miss his half cocked head looking out at me, asking to go out,  first thing in the morning, his little teddy at his side. I will miss his soft  football in his mouth , squeaking it to ask for a walk or to demand his breakfast. But most of all, I shall miss his little kisses he always gave as he came out of his kennel and the trust he showed in me and others, given that trust had been abused at a previous time in his life.

He loved his life and was loved by everyone who met him. After all, what was not to love about dear Rebel? Kind and gentle to the end. We will all miss you, Rebel, but know you will be remembered  for the sweet lad you always were.

Carol (the Sanctuary)