Dear Denise and all at Hersham Hounds,

I thought you would be eager to hear how Paul is settling in. Firstly, and I hope no one minds, he has been given a new name. it was felt that he needed a more stylish name and one to reflect a more distinguished lifestyle so ‘Mr Monty’, it is.

He had a big first day, was shampooed and pampered and given his posh new collars and tags and a soft new bed.

The journey home to Devon went via a walk in Swinley Forest. He behaved beautifully. He hasn’t quite got the hang of getting into the car, however, didn’t complain when he was helped in.

On arriving at Hoopers, he was shown around his new home. He was greeted with the sound of cows and pheasants and took it all in his stride. He wasn’t interested in eating and was a little restless on his first night but finally settled. His second night was much better. He is also regaining his appetite, as expected.

His manners have been impeccable and he has shown to be very responsive to the rules of his new home. His first full day was very quiet, allowing him time to adjust to the new sights, smells and sounds. On his second day, we went on a favourite walk around Fernworthy Forest, on Dartmoor. He met up with my friends young spaniel, Boo. She is over excitable but very friendly. It was a controlled meet and went perfectly, with only a few minor initial corrections needed. They went into a stream together and shared a Cornish pasty picnic and sat together in the sunshine in a stone circle. It could not have gone better.

It was felt, that as things had gone so well, to help with Pauls rehabilitation, to keep Boo with him. So at the end of the walk into the car they went and I can report that there have been no incidents. In fact Boo keeps checking on Paul as he relaxes in his bed and he seems quite happy with that.

On day 3 there was playing in the paddock and a 4 mile walk. He is not too sure about playing yet but the wayward spaniel did her best to show him the ropes, or how to chase a ball to be more precise. The walk was without any problems, not even a grumble.

It is, of course, early days but so far he has been a star. I feel sure that he will go from strength to strength as his confidence grows and he becomes more familiar and comfortable with his new life.

It is probably no surprise to Paul’s fan club, if I say he is a gentle, affectionate, sensitive boy and I feel privileged to have him and overjoyed that he was given a chance because of all of you at Hersham. He really is settling in very well and far better than I could have hoped at this stage.

I will keep you posted of his progress and adventures.

From all at Hoopers Farm.