Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but May certainly left me reeling!  So much going on; events every weekend and on more than one occasion on the same day. I’ve lugged that gazebo up and down the range more times than I care to remember, so much so, that we’ve got to know each other very well and are on first name terms.

But we did it. Between us we got to every event that was lined up and once there we showed them what an amazing charity we are. Our hounds and handlers were brilliant; they met up with old friends, made new ones and generated a lot of interest in our work as well as initiating people into the world of ‘greyhounds as pets.’

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for coming up trumps time after time and smiling through, even when you and your hounds were way past your best. I’ve listed below some of the events we attended and what was raised on the day. Of course, Charlie’s angels not only supported some of these events but also headed up their own, as they do, so I’d like to say a special thank you to them. Last but not least this is our chance to also say a very big thank you to all those people who gave us permission to meet and greet and to those passers-by who saw us, came and spoke with us and donated so very generously.

Chertsey Meet and Greet £144.94

Chestnut Fair £194.13 & £49.30 shop sales

Richmond Fair £661.83 & £117.00 shop sales

Windsor Meet and Greet £876.30

Wisley Meet and Greet £320.64

Weybridge Meet and Greet £333.54

Dog Show £208.71 & £223.30 shop sales

Deal Car show (Debbie Ladd, who had a last minute touch of genius and headed out to this event with her greyhounds, a bucket, sash and coats for the hounds) £140.14

In case you’re wondering why we’ve listed shop sales separately, it’s because these are items that we purchase in, so there is a cost to these sales.

Total raised (excluding shop sales) is £2880.23 and just to give you an idea of how far this money will go at the kennels, in April (my latest figures available as I type this) our bedding, feed, refuse disposal and 2 week’s rent on the homing kennels came to £2876.37. I’d like to think that at this point our kennel hounds are sitting up on their (paid for by you) beds and cheering as they thank you for keeping a roof over their heads, food in their tummies and disposing of their waste – but I very much doubt it! They haven’t got a clue, have they?

If I’ve failed to mention an event then please do forgive me – as I said at the start, May has been a whirlwind of a month.

And in case any of you are having withdrawal symptoms, we’ve still got plenty of events lined up throughout the summer and into the autumn with new ones being added all the time. So do keep an eye on our website.

See you all soon,