We are devastated to say that our darling ‘Sena’ had to be put to sleep on 31st March, 2015 at our greyhound vets in Kent where she has been since Wednesday.

She had developed a rare and aggressive form of meningitis which was not responding to antibiotic or steroid treatment. She had only been with us a matter of months but had been fit and healthy until she had slipped at the kennels a couple of weeks ago. We rested and restricted her in our Sanctuary but over the course of the next few days we recognised that she wasn’t recovering as we would have expected and was in fact getting less mobile.

From the symptoms described and upon examination and x-rays the vet diagnosed neurological spine damage and inflammation, which steroid treatment should be able to alleviate somewhat. But the extent of nerve damage would not be known until the accumulative effect of 4-6 weeks treatment would be properly felt. Sadly within a matter of days she had become worse.

Whilst steroid treatment by its nature is slow and requires patience to see gradual improvement, we recognised that her mobility should not have deteriorated as it did. Carol rushed her to the specialist orthopaedic vet in Kent. A spinal tap was performed to investigate, amongst other things, whether she had a bacterial or viral problem or a tumour. To our dismay the results showed that she had developed meningitis – although only aggressive steroid and antibiotic treatment would determine the type of meningitis she had developed.

When Carol visited her at the vets on Saturday she was as bright, alert and happy, as she had been throughout, and devoured the offered roast beef and roast chicken greedily. However her body was letting her down and by Monday when Carol re-visited with further supplies the vet confirmed her system was not responding to treatment and she would only get worse hereon in.

We did not want her to suffer and so, with heavy hearts, we made the decision to let darling ‘Sena’ go. Carol held and cuddled her one last time and gave her a kiss from everyone who was lucky enough to have known her. We will never forget what a truly brave and special girl ‘Sena’ was who loved every minute of her all too brief time with us.