Some of you may remember Pip wrote a beautiful and touching article a couple of years ago when her family lost Rio - a brief biography of Rio Jones. At the time Pip also ran the Basingstoke Half Marathon to raise funds for WGW.

Well, Pip is at it again. We have an update on her Life with Greyhounds and she is running the Half Marathon again and this time has managed to persuade, cajol or otherwise encourage her partner to join her this year.

"I’m committed to fundraising for Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare for several reasons. It’s heart breaking to see so many hounds who need a forever home, knowing what perfect pets they make. It’s heart-warming to see how passionate Denise and her team are about re-homing and caring for every single hound at the centre. Since 2006, we’ve adopted 3 greyhounds from WGW, and they’ve all brought us so much joy that this is my way of giving back. I could go on.

I think we can all agree that greyhounds are the most superior of all dogs - kind, affectionate, misunderstood, gentle, playful, clean, surprisingly lazy, individual and, above all, loving. I think we can also agree that once you go grey, you never turn away.

There’s no charity I would rather fundraise for, so please sponsor my partner and I – we’re running Basingstoke Half Marathon in October (you may remember I ran it in 2012 for WGW) and hope to raise £300."

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