The latest Tia arrivals! They have came such a long way to be with us. 

I hope we can do them all justice and find them lovely homes. In the meantime we'd just like to enjoy them for a little while. Thanks Deb (from Tia Greyhound Rescue) for doing that marathon journey to get them to us safely. 

Pictured to the right is Tish; the baby of the bunch. She will be 2 in September and is full of beans. She would hardly stay still enough for a photo. 

Thank you to Helen Baldwin for all the excellent photographs.


 Not to be confused with Candice. Sena is 5 years old.


Candice will be 3 next month.



Everyone is already singing about her. Layla is 7 years old.


Delilah is 5 years old and seems to be the calmest of the new girls.


Elfie is just 4 years old an is quite anxious. We think she will need some extra TLC.


Ania is 6 years old and looks like she will be the troublemaker!


Jane will be 4 in September.