Lou was taken in as a rescue from a kennel in Cambridgeshire in July 2015, as a wary 9 year old black greyhound girl with a little seal-like face and distinctive white eyelashes.

Never sure of herself, she greets any new dog in her space with a customary snarl, just so they know to take it easy around her and not rush her, as she does feel vulnerable in a busy kennels yard.

A lovely companion dog who has learned to accept a kiss and a cuddle where she was initially wary of any human contact, Lou is by nature great fun. She leaps around if she sees a small fluffy thing running but shows no interest in chasing them when meeting other breeds close up.

Everything in life is new to anxious Lou and what she lacks in confidence, she makes up for in her natural exuberance for life and walks ! 

As an older girl, she is less likely to be selected for homing and so we have placed her on our sponsorship scheme.



We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Marjorie & Nigle Wilkes
  • Roy Chadwick
  • Ziggy Hatherall
  • Lee & Lisa Beauchamp
  • Janice Willats
  • Doreen & Robin Streatfield