Snowy - Born June 2012.

Quite a big girl, full of life, enthusiastic about her walks and more than ready to take her place in the outside world. A delightful addition to any home.

Mavis - Born July 2013.

A right little pickle, always up for a walk and cheeky with it. Has the attention span of a gnat!.

Buttons - Born May 2011.

Just back in with us after losing his home, not his fault - a change in family circumstances.

Buttons would love to be back in a home again with a family to call his own. He can be a bit on the anxious side, sometimes I think he tries too hard to please and so wants to be loved. He's already proved he can be a great all round pet, all he needs is the chance.

Sass - Born December 2012.

Such a worry pot when he first arrived, he's now relaxed and is getting to enjoy all that life has to offer. He's very affectionate and responsive to some one to one attention but finds other breeds just a bit too exciting at the moment.

Storm - Born December 2010.

This shy little lad has blossomed and it hasn't taken much time, just people around who have invested a bit of time to tell him how wonderful he is. Still needs work with other breeds but is well worth the investment.

Jill - Born October 2010.

This girl is definitely young at heart and would enjoy an active family home. Good on the lead, though she is quite strong initially, she soon settles down and has shown herself to be good with other breeds she has met when out and about so far.

Tank - Born December 2011.

His name says it all. This striking lad loves life, loves everybody and would just love to leave kennel life behind him. Not one for the frail or faint hearted though, he's strong and will need an experienced home to help him understand that not every dog he meets looks like a greyhound.


Just another little black greyhound bitch, not good with other breeds and definitely not good with cats. Sky has been looking for a home for over four years now and I am now forced to wonder if the above statement will turn out to be her epitaph.....just how many little black greyhounds needing a bit of effort have been overlooked I wonder? There will be much more to Sky’s story and this is why. I have got to know Sky quite well as I’ve been taking her out and making an effort to get to know her and I will tell you now; this little hound will pay back anyone willing to invest some time and effort into her a thousand times over with affection and sheer character.

I asked the kennel staff one day who has been overlooked and who could do with a friend? They suggested Sky as she was a bit shy and did not stand out at all. I remember our first walk around the kennels, she was totally non-plussed having seen it all before. No wonder she was over looked. I could understand why people would move on to the next hound, who just might be a pretty young blue dog or brindle etc… and Sky is led back to her kennel and lies unwanted on her bed. The first time I took Sky away from the kennels was a surprise for both of us. She hopped in the back of my car and showed real excitement. She likes to stand and see all that’s going on outside, wow! what happened to that boring dog back at the kennels?

She loved being in park and it was as if someone had pushed her ON switch. She does not pull on the lead but she does want to investigate things and seems to have bags of energy. Yes, she is not good with other breeds but I found that if I held her she calms down so maybe its worry about being on a lead? I’m sure the more she goes out the more used to other dogs she will get; she just needs someone willing to invest in her and give her a chance. The more we went out the more she responded to me. She is now very affectionate, I get a kiss from her and a mad wagging tail. I think she is beautiful, she has a white patch on the end of her nose and a white tip to her tail with a beautiful deep black shiny coat and when she is happy she has this open mouth expression which looks like she is laughing.

She has a corn on her front left paw so we put a little booty on it and she is so good, holding her paw up and letting us put it on her with no fuss. Beautiful little Sky, I wish I could give you the home you so deserve. I just hope with all my heart that someone reading this will also want to get to know you better and see you for the little rough diamond that you are.

Gus - Born September 2009

Gus came back to us from being in a home – this was through no fault of his. He is a shy boy who is gaining in confidence as he gets to know us. He can be particularly wary of men when he first meets them. He is good with other breeds of dog.

He needs a calm and quiet home, preferably with people who have experience with nervous greyhounds.

Legend - Born June 2012

Legend is a very shy boy who has been suffering from painful corns. We hope that he will gain confidence as his paws recover and he gets to know us better. He loves being with the people he knows but is easily scared by busy and noisy environments.

He needs a home with people that will take they time to get to know him and gain his trust.

Paddy, Born 2008

Paddy has been with us for nearly 5 years now. He came in as a very young and excitable 3 year old with a strong chase instinct and although he has definitely mellowed over time he is still full of beans and will still need work with other breeds of dog.

What a delightful, gentle and loving boy he is. High time he found a sofa to call his own.

Three worried little souls

These 3 worried little souls need people to invest time in getting to know them, people who are prepared to take it slowly and not take it personally if the hound prefers not to be in a room with them. People who can give a hound the time and space to figure it out and blossom at a pace they are comfortable with. People who will show them that life can be good if they are very brave. Of course, if there is already a greyhound in residence that would really help. Are you that special someone who can offer one of these little souls a home?

Beryl, Born 2012 Jetta, Born 2011 Monty, Born 2011

Barney, Born 2010

Such a lovely chap to care for, Barney is the unfortunate lad who shares his kennel with Maggie. That just shows you how tolerant this lad is, in fact he's a saint. Barney can be a bit shy when he first meets you but he soon gets over it.

He has been to the park and will need a bit of work with other breeds but such a lovely lad is worth investing some time in.


Jackie is an eight-year-old girl who was left in the care of her trainer once she retired from racing and her syndicate of owners fell apart.

With no one to account for her wellbeing, her trainer has kept her safe and cared for her until we offered her place with us.

A delightful more mature lady who can be a little reserved when she first meets new people but soon overcomes her shyness.

Jackie has had her maiden voyage to the park and behaved very well with the other breeds that she met. She's going to blossom in the right home.

Deano - Born June 2009

Deano is such a beautiful, gentle lad with the sweetest nature. Unfortunately this side of him is something that he doesn’t show everyone he meets as he can be an anxious lad with people he doesn’t know and in some new situations.

He finds a busy kennel yard quite worrying but is gradually overcoming his fears and now has quite a few regular walkers who are enjoying getting to know him better and seeing this improvement.

An experienced ‘doggy home’ would suit Deano to the ground, especially if there’s another dog in residence to show him the ropes and reassure him that there’s nothing to worry about.

He has been to the park and met other breeds without being overly-interested, so if you’ve room in your home and your heart for this special lad then please let us know.

Bella - Born 2011

Bella is a funny little girl – she can be wary of people and things, but she can also appear to be confident and she certainly enjoys playing rough with her kennel mates!

It looks like Bella may get on OK with other breeds, but she really needs further socialisation before we could be sure.

She hasn’t been cat tested.

Patrick - Born 2012

Patrick is a handsome young chap with lots of energy, who loves attention.

He needs to get out and about a bit more and to improve socialisation with other dog breeds. 

Patrick gets on well with people and other greyhounds, but his energy means he possibly wouldn’t be great with an elderly hound.



Born 2010

A lovely lady who's no trouble at all - at least that's what Deb says.

She will make someone a wonderful family pet but being "another black greyhound" she continues to be overlooked.

If you start taking her for walks, you'll realise what a beautiful girl she is.


He is such a gentleman and so loving that it is a mystery why he has still not found a permanent home. 

It may be because he is not as demonstrative as other dogs but he never leaves your side, loves being fussed and stroked and tickled, always comes up to say thank you after a meal.

Like most greyhounds he loves to lean in against you when you are out standing still so that he gets reassurance and confidence. Jim is a real sweetie just looking for his forever sofa.

Read recent home stay report on Jim

Annie - 2009

Already spends most of her days on a sofa to call her own – now all she needs is a home to go with it!

Annie can be a bit shy but always gives her regular walkers a very warm welcome. She’s not had much experience of life away from the kennels and still needs some work with other breeds.

But her winning ways more than make up for this and we just know she’ll be a delightful addition to any home – she’ll even bring her own sofa with her.


Another one of our strapping lads who likes nothing better than a game of ‘catch me if you can’ in the paddocks.

A beautiful boy who is ready for his forever home.



Lenny - born 2008


Lenny is another lad who has really come on in leaps and bounds and is more than ready to go home.

Lenny is such a happy boy, he loves interacting with people and is always up for a game in the paddock.

He’s improved so much when meeting other breeds so now all he needs is more regular exposure to life beyond these kennel walls.