Frazer came into our kennels  as a ‘Christmas  Gift’ from another rescue in December 2014, with a report that he had probably not been treated very well and he was unsocialised  and very food orientated.

The rescue desperately needed to find a space for him but needed to ensure his future was safe whatever ‘behavioural  issues’ he might prove to have .

We agreed to take him in and offered him a home in the Sanctuary, as long as he needs it. We therefore placed him on the sponsorship scheme. 

He is very strong and although a manageable walk, anyone walking him needs to be aware of his potential to pull when  seeing a cat or small fluffy.

Frazer has been with us  nearly two years now and not found a home but he has blossomed into a very loving dog who lives for his walks and thrives on a good feeding and walking routine. Who could not fail to notice those huge appealing eyes!

We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Laleham Dog Training Club
  • Caroline Hastie-Smith
  • Gabrielle Horwood
  • Paul and Mary Onstenk