Deano came into us in July 2015 as a very nervous 6 year old blue boy.

Regular walks and gentle handling have shown he is in fact a very loving, cheeky boy, although you have to get to know him before he will trust you and show his true nature. In the noisy kennels yard, he drags his walker out to the gate, looking back over his shoulder at them and frantically looking round the corners of the yard for what he sees as the next obstacle he will need to assess.

Unlike a lot of nervous dogs however, once he gets used to your voice and you talk to and reassure him, he totally tunes into you and would blossom outside of kennels with a self-assured greyhound or other breed bitch or dog for added confidence to get over his fear of loud traffic. He is very loving and adores cuddles. Once you put him back in his kennel after a walk or a paddock, he swings round for a well earned kiss and a more loving, affectionate hound you could not find, once he gets to know you.

Whilst he is in the Sanctuary as a nervous hound who will not therefore be everyone’s first choice for homing, we have therefore placed him on the sponsorship  scheme.


We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Sharon James
  • Gaynor Renwick
  • Georgina Mayo
  • Janice Willats
  • Michael Browne