Ben joined us in July 2015. He has a genetic eye condition (pannus) which has made him blind.

His racing career was cut short in September 2014 when his eyes must have been deteriorating and he was subsequently diagnosed as having lost his sight. His auto-immune condition requires daily eye-drops to help prevent redness and lesions on the eye. His eyes are also therefore sensitive to direct sunlight.

Ben is a happy, affectionate and confident young boy. He has settled well into the routine of the kennels and when out on foster, has adapted well and is learning to cope with the big world outside of kennels. Ben is a lovely dog but you do have to do a bit of thinking for him, as it is easy to forget he cannot see. Because he is so trusting,  you will need to tell him if there is a step or an obstacle in front of him.

Because of his daily eye-drops, Ben will need a special person who is prepared to administer and understands the importance of his eye medication but understands he is just a normal loving hound who happens to be blind.

Until then, we will care for Ben and keep him safe in the Sanctuary where he has been placed on the  sponsorship scheme.

We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Laleham Dog Training Club
  • Kerstin & Åke Palm
  • Yvonne Stevenson
  • Fanny Martin
  • Sharon James
  • Tracy Woods
  • Lee & Lisa Beauchamp
  • Elaine Banks
  • Daniel Burleigh
  • Bob Holder
  • Faith, Freya and Hope Gent
  • Ciara's Misty
  • Ingrid Murphy
  • Lorraine & Jon Lucas
  • Linda Cousins
  • Liz Phillips
  • Roy Chadwick
  • Katie McGrath