Baby came into the Sanctuary because he was 9 years old and less likely to be homed.

His age has always belied his exuberance, particularly when it is walking hours at the kennels and he gets very excited that he may get the chance to go out with a volunteer walker.  So much so, he will literally leap into your arms when you open his kennel door,

armed with his walking harness. Equally, upon his return, he will try and make a break for it, to head for his beloved Sanctuary garden .

This show of extreme excitement and mischievous energy has made potential owners think he was going to be hard work at home, where he is in fact a rather simple, anxious, sensitive boy who would benefit from a quiet home with a confident greyhound bitch or with someone at home with him.

He is at 12 years old now, a little more fragile, with arthritis in his back foot which means he is best on  a slow, relaxed, short walk. His spirit is still strong and willing and he is a happy, gentle, mischievous boy who  is a great favourite with those who know and love him.



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